Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Blog Ever!

This blog is probably now in the top 10% of most active and best blogs ever!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Names We Have Been Called

I was looking at some of the old blog pimp threads the other day and just for fun I decided to make a list (which is by no means a complete one) of some of the names that the Pimp Busters have been called by blog pimps:

Jerks, fascists, haters, idiots, morons, racists, a-holes, democrats, liberals, sock-puppets, left-wingers, jacka**es, fake freepers, liars, brain-dead, dumb, children, nitwits, twerps, head-stompers, cretins, un-American, members, creeps, paid Soros plants, thugs, Giuliani supporters, Romney supporters, Pelosi-loving McCain supporters, Harry Reid supporters, Islam supporters, blog pimps, clowns, lowlifes, retards, losers, perverts, STD carriers, imbeciles, psychopaths, insane, queens, pansies, cross-dressers, goofs, wisea**es, dumba**es, jobless people, chumps, sick, pre-pubescent, illiterate, small-brained Neanderthals, irrelevant and intellectually dishonest.

SocksAPlenty and I both hold 'Soros plants' as our favorite one. Heh heh.

Monday, March 7, 2011


In fond memory of Suvroc10, we proudly present
his greatest hits compilation gathered from
his final thread on Free Republic.

What’s that you say, you disgusting Rudy Giuliani-supporter? Trying to
recruit me to support Mitt Romney for 2012? You sicken me.

Hahahaha, I actually made you lose...your temper. Hahaha. But then
again, from a lowlife BLOG PIMP like you, I can expect no better!

There’s no hijack going on! It’s only you and another Giulani-supporting
lowlife talking to each other and pretending you’ve hijacked this thread!!!
Ahahaha, watching you clowns is absolutely priceless to me! Keep
dancing for me. This is absolutely too funny.

Why are you even on this website, BLOG PIMP?
BLOG PIMPS like you should be thrown out for good.

Ooooooooooooooo, bumblegunner...good one! Did you have to ask
your mommy for help with that quip? Hahahaha, you blog pimp clown, you.

I agree, bumblegunner. 50mm is definitely a retard who posts in
his fur suit. This is the first smart post you’ve made.
I award you one gold star.

Stop spamming this thread! I understand you have no job and no life,
but to waste our time with your spam is unpardonable!
Get outta here, you blog pimp, you.

I’m willing to bet that you have a sexually transmitted disease right
now, you pervert! Otherwise, how would you know what a “chancre”
is, huh? You Romney-loving losers never cease to gross me out.

And you’re sooooooooo dumb...that you took my bait hook, line,
and sinker to actually tell me the obvious!! Hahahaha, you are
a total tool that I’m having a blast manipulating. Keep dancing for me.

I agree. Bumblegunner will be banned soon. I can feel it.
Too much spam and pimping on FR. Agreed. Good call.

There’s nothing cool about you. All you do is spread spam on FR
with repetitive posts that just contain the phrase “blog pimp,”
over and over again. You guys are truly Rudy Giuliani-loving imbeciles.

I agree. One of the Mods is sure to ban paulycy for being a good-for-nothing
blog pimp who’s abusing this site for clicks for his crappy website.
Well said, 50mm, well said.

Without me, FR will sink in quality in on time.

Stop harassing me, you Pelosi-loving McCain supporter.
Go back and be a shill for Mitt Romney some more! should get its lawyers to sue you for spreading virus lies about its site.

Wow! That’s only the 1,022,393th time that you’ve posted that picture
on FR and thus spammed the site yet again!
You Romney-lovers really are retards.

No one’s making fun of me. The majority of Freepers are simply in love with me.
The only people who are hatefully attacking me are the four or five Nancy
Pelosi-loving psychopaths on this thread, who love to spam threads
with repetitive posts and pictures.

You’re insane and intellectually dishonest. ANYONE who reads this thread
can see I’m owning everyone who dares post against me...because they’re
just not as smart as I am.

Why? YOU’RE the Islam-supporting Pelosi-lover who would stab Palin
in the back to vote for Mitt disguting blog pimp, you.

But I TOTAL control. How do you explain the failure to hijack this
thread...up to now? All that’s been happening is me successfully making
fun of four or five fake conservatives who have no jobs and all the time
in the world to thread-spam.

Ooooooo...ooooooooo...scary...the ZOT? Hahahahahahaa! Ooooooooo,
the ZOT! I’m scared...oh, wow...ZOT...ZOT...ZOT...
Shaddup, you perverted Internet geek with your introverted and made-up language.

Those quips that lack utter creativity are the last gasps of a desperate thread
spammer, realizing he’s been totally pwned by his superior on this thread.
Yawn, you’re beginning to bore me, honestly.

Case in point!!! All the fakers who have threatened an effective thread hijack
have fled before me. I note that I am the first person ever in FR history to
successfully repel and beat back an attempted thread hijack.
The score?
Suvroc10: 100,000,000...everyone else of the queens on this thread: a big fat 0.
It was too easy.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yet Another Pimp Gets The ZOT!!!

Today, yet another blog pimp rode the lightning.

The Free Republic thread on which his zotting occurred is no longer available, having been pulled when he was banned. Immediately before the thread was pulled, the pimp had posted a comment complaining to Jim Robinson (FR site owner) and the moderators about the pimp busters who had hijacked his thread.

The pimp, fromhardt, will likely not be missed.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

OMG....the horrible TRUTH behind blog pimps

They're black-ops gubmint plants!!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Blogpimp message

On Valentine's day, the blogpimps wish to express their appreciation of all those who click on their blogs and help make their pimping lifestyle possible:

And to the pimpbusters, they just say, "Go away, creeps! I needs da money from ma hits!"